private one-on-one Coaching

Do you have an upcoming talk, job interview, or event where you will be sharing your research? Do you want share it in a more engaging way? Dr. Lisa Cantrell offers one-on-one coaching to support you in the use of storytelling to create more compelling, engaging, and understandable presentations. She has worked with researchers to develop their presentations for job interviews, conference talks, public engagement presentations, as well as grant applications, policy briefs, and presentations to stake-holders.

Dr. Cantrell's experience sits at a unique intersection: she has spent years in basic research laboratories and academia as well as has worked in science journalism and public radio. She deeply understands the research world, having worked years conducting quantitive experiments; however, she simultaneously has a deep understanding of storytelling and how to engage audiences where they are. You can find out more about Dr. Cantrell here.

You can set up a free 30-min consultation to meet and talk about your needs and how Dr. Cantrell can work with you to help you develop your presentation or written work. To schedule a consultation, click the button below.